Can't predict the market? Consider this...

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Real Estate

I’ve always said that the fall is the best time on the Outer Banks.  And I’m usually talking about the fact that the busy tourist season has passed, the temperatures have dropped, but not too far, and the ocean is absolutely gorgeous.  I’ve already seen more dolphin in the ocean in the past 2 weeks (and 1 whale) than I have all summer!   But this fall I hope that I’m talking about the fall being a great time because of strong real estate sales!  In the past few weeks we have placed 4 listings under contract and have set several buyer appointments.   

When talking to my clients a common statement I hear is “I want to sell but I am going to wait for the market to improve before doing so”.  On the surface, that makes total sense.  Selling a home on the Outer Banks is a big decision and of course, it’s better to do so when the market conditions are favorable…. But how do we know when that will be?